Lead Innovator, Test Model Product Development, MedScan3D

Galway, Ireland
 Salary:  €40,000-€45,000
Closing Date: 25/09/2020 Closing Time: 09:30
Immediate Job


Job Summary

Who we are…..
Based in Galway, MedScan3D are experts in the creation of highly accurate patient specific 3D anatomical models. They develop clinically relevant models and place real anatomy in the hands of healthcare professionals and research engineers. 
Our service includes converting medical scans into STL files (STL is a file format for rapid prototyping) that can be adapted using CAD for port merging / adaptations, 3D printed prototype models and customisable casted test model's. These medical models can be made in a variety of materials for applications in medical device prototyping and testing, pre-surgical planning and for educational purposes.

Advanced Three D Technology Limited is the business name under which the divisions MedScan3D and 3D Technology operate.  3D Technology offers 3D printing solutions and MedScan3D offer consultancy and solutions of accurate patient specific 3D anatomical models.  

What the role will involve…….
This Fusion project will focus on the development of patient specific silicone models for medical device testing with interchangeable ports and attachments. It aims to identify and develop a patient specific silicone testing model, formulate silicone material with a coating for lubrication, to mimic the low friction properties of target tissues. 
Also to identify and develop a suitable direct or mould-based fabrication of patient-specific models and develop a benchtop testing device suitable for vascular device testing. Finally validation of both the materials, models, and the vascular testing device. 

As well as an attractive annual salary offering of €40,000-€45,000 the successful graduate will lead this 18 Month project, in a supportive partnership with Queen’s University Belfast and will also have the opportunity to study for a Post Grad Diploma in Business & Management as part of the employment package. 


Skills Required

We need you to have…….
•    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering preferred; other technical disciplines considered
•    Working knowledge of 3D modelling software
•    Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and SolidWorks or equivalent modelling system;
•    Familiar with statistical analysis (Minitab) and computerized analysis (FEA) applications. 
•    Legally permitted to travel & work in BOTH ROI and Northern Ireland/UK

We would like you to have…..

•    Innovative/Creative Thinker – must have a demonstrated ability to conduct exploration of subject areas for novel concepts and approaches
•    Good working knowledge of medical device quality & regulatory systems and medical device directives
•    Possess skills appropriate for design and commissioning benchtop testing rigs for vascular devices, e.g. familiarity with pumps, tubing, connectors, and controllers for simulating vascular-mimicking fluidic circuits.
•    Knowledge of materials used in anatomical models, especially silicone
•    3D printing experience 
•    Self-motivated, high energy, positive attitude individual with the initiative and drive for timely completion of goals.
•    Strong analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills.
•    Effective verbal and written communication skills
•    Team player with good interpersonal skills.

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